Wholefood-based enteral nutrition

Hiquid Food blended soups

Hiquid Food blended soups are freeze-dried wholefood-based enteral nutrition for patients with a gastrostomy. Hiquid Food blended soups consist solely of powder from freeze-dried meat, fish, legumes, vegetables, fruits, berries, and herbs.  

The ingredients for each meal are carefully selected and combined to provide a satisfying, nourishing and nutritious food experience that can be enjoyed and shared with friends and family.  

The information provided here is a summary of the information on our web page translated from Norwegian to English to serve our international customers. Please use the contact form below if you have further questions. 

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Wholefood-based enteral nutrition

In this free of charge course you will find information about wholefood-based enteral nutrition for easier collaboration between clinical dietitian and individuals with a gastrostomy who wish to make their own food choices.

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Important notice

Hiquid Food blended soups is food for special medical purposes. A nutritional supplement for the dietary management of children (> 3 years) and adults requiring a feeding tube and must be used under medical supervision. The temperature of enteral nutrition must not exceed 38 °C when served. The meal must be administered manually with a syringe. Additional fluid intake should be considered in consultation with a clinical dietitian. Not for parenteral (I.V.) use.  There are three different products, Hiquid Food fish, Hiquid Food turkey and Hiquid Food vegan.

Product sheet - ENG
Product sheet - NL

Hiquid Food fish

Art.nr: HIQ1100

broccoli*, carrot*, cod (22%), parsley* and sea buckthorn*

*organic (78 % organic ingredients)

NO-ØKO-01 EU / non-EU Agriculture

Prepared meal å 37 g powder incl 1 tbsp of oil:
231 kcal / approx. 315 ml


Hiquid Food turkey

Art.nr: HIQ1102

sweet potato*, turkey (16%)*, kale*, chickpeas* and oregano*


NO-ØKO-01 EU / non-EU Agriculture

Prepared meal å 71 g powder incl 1 tbsp of oil: 
355 kcal / approx. 385 ml


Hiquid Food vegan

Art.nr: HIQ1101

apple*, green peas*, celery root*, white beans*, black currant* and ceylon cinnamon*


NO-ØKO-01 EU / non-EU Agriculture

Prepared meal å 64 g powder incl 1 tbsp of oil:
315 kcal / approx. 295 ml


Instructions for serving
Hiquid Food blended soups

Hiquid Foods soups are specially processed, with the ingredients freeze-dried and ground into powder. The soup must be administered manually with a syringe. Leftovers from the prepared meal should be discarded.

  1. Pour the recommended amount of powder into a bowl.
  2. Stir the powder well with the recommended amount of boiling water, 85-100 °C.
  3. Add cold water or ice cubes to achieve the desired consistency.
  4. Add the recommended amount of fat.
  5. Check the temperature. Note: Maximum 38 °C when serving.

International shipping

Hiquid Food blended soups can be distributed to countries with English, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish, German, French and Dutch as official language due to EU-regulations. You´ll find your language on the label on the back of the pouch. Due to international shipping and customs, get in touch for a quote.



Hiquid Food AS
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mother, founder and CEO

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Our motivation

Food for everyone

– Our everyday life was turned upside down when Simen came into the world 18 years ago. He was born prematurely and suffered a brain injury at birth. Chewing and swallowing difficulties were among the areas that required a lot of effort, and he received a feeding tube before he even turned one. We wanted him to both taste and smell the food we ate to preserve the joy of eating and to have the experience of being together with us during meals, says Heidi Aabrekk, mother of Simen and founder of Hiquid Food.

Many of us who provide homemade food through a feeding tube have been uncertain about whether the food we blend is good enough, and we have spent a long time figuring out which ingredients are suitable in terms of consistency for the tube. When we have to add more water to make it liquid, we worry if it will become less nutritious or if the amount of food will be too much.

Our experiences show, for example, that seeds in bread get stuck in the tube, raspberries don't work well, potatoes become gluey. We wondered will the thin liquid oatmeal hold until lunch? And will he get enough food over time to maintain his weight curve?

For many years, we wished for a better solution. When we're at home, we can blend the food and add necessary nutrients and flavor. But it's not as simple when we're on the go, on vacations, at restaurants, hiking in the woods or at school. Every day, we experience stress to defrost, heat up, and also administer at a suitable pace before the next class begins. Summer vacations bring worry about frozen food in checked luggage and the search for freezers in hotels. It requires careful timing and planning to accomplish all this in a daily life that is already hectic enough.

We've been looking for a simpler solution since 2005. We want more time for everything else. We want to continue discussing ingredients, tastes and smells when we eat. We want to cheer for the fantastic farmers we have here in Norway who grow incredible ingredients. In 2021 it struck us: What does everyone else do when they go on a trip and need a good meal? The answer is freeze-dried camping food. When you mix it with boiling water, it becomes like homemade! After 18 years, we are doing something about this for all of us who provide or receive food through a feeding tube. 

It´s great to say: Now, there's food!

The team

Heidi Aabrekk

Mother, founder and CEO 

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[email protected]

Randi Vassbotn Norheim

Medical manager and clinical dietitian
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Elisabeth Hunnes

Head of public relations

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