The combination of homemade tube feeding and large-scale production

english Dec 19, 2023

For the past 18 years, Heidi has prepared blenderized meals for her son. Every evening, she retrieves frozen pureed meals for the next day.

Homemade tube feeding involves planning and adjusting menus, writing meal plans and shopping lists, grocery shopping, and cooking. There's washing, peeling, chopping, pureeing, and freezing. Preparing four to five meals at a time, a total of 28 meals per week. 

It took several years to arrive at the model that best suited her son and her family, and some days, having the same meal for dinner works well.

A dish like lamb stew with pumpkin, for example, serves both as a blend for the tube and a delightful family dinner.

Essential to homemade blends are good kitchen equipment and solid routines. Suitable portions are measured, labeled, and prepared for the freezer. If the family goes out, the food must be taken in a cooler bag.

It's lovely to be able to enjoy the meal together in the sun on the porch.

Yet, the introduction of freeze-dried tube feeding has brought a new level of ease and time-saving to the table. Hiquid Food has sourced all organic ingredients for you, except from our wild caught, msc certified cod, cooked the soup in Norway, freeze dried and ground into a fine powder that dissolves in boiling water. Our goal is to contribute to the freedom of choice, to be able to combine homemade blenderized meals and easy-on-the-go meals for lunch, travel, hiking, restaurants, visits and more!

A warm welcome to the table - dinner is served!

- The film was made during our test period in 2022/2023, and the pouches have a different packaging.

Important Notice: Hiquid Food blended soups is food for special medical purposes and sold only under medical supervision. Please consult a clinical dietitian for a meal plan.